The technology developed by Innovative Web Concepts is centered around several important factors:
  • Internet software technology must be capable of evolving with advances in hardware.
  • Service must not be allowed to degrade as web traffic increases. The primary cause of degradation is a logjam retrieving data from disk.
  • Enhancements in our technology must automatically be available to existing clients.
  • Clients must be able to maintain their own content.
  • From the beginning it was apparent that many issues could be avoided by developing a system that only stored raw data on disk. Generating the HTML computer code dynamically with software, greatly reduced the amount of data retrieval required and any enhancements to the generating software became immediately available to all clients in the system. Removing the HTML burden made it incredibly easy for clients to maintain their own content.

    Designing the system in a way that allows for raw data to be distributed over multiple subsystems eliminates any possibility of service degradation. Economically it allows hardware to be added when needed and eliminates the expensive start-up costs of traditional data base systems.

    The HTML generating software is the core of our technology. By writing this package generically it becomes possible to drive multiple web site applications while maintaining a single software package. Networking applications became a matter of simply enhancing the software package to connect groups of associated web sites.