Innovative Web Concepts was incorporated in September of 1997 by Dr. Steve Marx and Dale Simmons. The initial goal of the company was to develop software that enabled business owners to maintain their own web sites without becoming computer programmers. The EzPics Web Site System is the result of over 20,000 man hours of R&D and is currently in use on over 2000 web sites world wide.

In the process of helping independent business owners develop their companies web sites the value of connecting people in similar businesses became apparent. Not only would it open lines of communication between individuals with similar issues but it would also facilitate business to business commerce. The idea of developing technology to network the web sites of related businesses began to evolve.

The actual software development started in January of 2000 when a leading drug manufacturer for the pet industry funded a project to help it's veterinarian clients achieve an Internet presence ( . This application allowed the drug manufacturer to communicate with it's clients through a network of individual veterinarians web sites and it also opened lines of communication between the vets themselves and the manufacturer and the public.

The next step in the evolution was to develop the capability of building the network from an organization's membership data base. This capability allowed professional associations to communicate with the public through the web sites of their local chapters. By taking the network to one more level ( The Pet Owners Network) it allows both the local chapters and the parent organization to communicate with the public through their members individual web sites. A password protected section on each site allows private communications throughout the network.